Joe Moody

Joe Moody

Joe Moody, Texas State Representative, District 78:

The new year is here! It’s a time to celebrate, but for the Texas Legislature, the beginning of 2014 is also time of preparation. Although the Legislature as a whole isn’t scheduled to meet again until January of 2015, some of the 84th Legislative Session’s most important groundwork will be laid in the coming months.

Joe Straus, the Speaker of the Texas House, will soon be sending out a list of interim charges to all of the committees – basically, our homework between sessions. That means working on the investigations and reports. We need to hit the ground running when the next session begins. We will be holding hearings around the state on a myriad of issues, including the security profession. All of those hearings are public, so keep an eye out for meetings in your area; you have the opportunity to lend your expertise to us. You can keep track of everything by heading to

The committees will be tackling certain specific subjects, but individual members, like me, will also be hard at work on all kinds of ideas for the next legislative session. This is an election year for all 150 members of the Texas House, so we will be looking to our constituents to help set legislative priorities. Make sure your representative hears from you during 2014 so that they know what you would like them to work on. The best way to do that is to reach out to your representative’s local office. If you don’t already know who your representative is, visit to find out.

There’s no better way to ensure that your voice is heard than by directly contacting your representative or their staff, and they need to hear from industry insiders like you so that they know what issues you consider most important. I know that working with my constituents makes it possible to do the best job I can for El Paso.

The Capitol may be quieter than it was during session, but a lot is happening, and this is the best time to get involved. Maybe you can add that to your New Year’s resolution list!

I look forward to the exciting preparations about to take place. In the meantime, I wish you and your families a very happy and healthy 2014.