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The New Year is the perfect time for resolutions. Your partners at Texas Mutual Insurance Company know you’ve got your hands full with plans to eat better, exercise more and take that dream vacation. We hope you’re also carving out time to improve your workplace safety program in 2016. To make things a little easier, we put together this list of tips. If you promote them among your employees daily, we’re con dent you will nd that workplace safety is a commitment you and your team can live with this year and beyond. Keep your feet on solid ground Your employees put their lives on the line to protect your customers and their property. Of all the potential accidents they are exposed to, however, the most common is something that happens to most of us every day. Walking on slick surfaces, climbing stairs, navigating cluttered walkways, using ladders improperly and climbing in and out of vehicles makes the security guard business a slippery proposition. In fact, slips, trips and falls account for 33 percent of injuries among ASSIST/Texas Mutual workers’ compensation safety group members. ere are two general categories of slips, trips and falls: falls from the same level and falls from heights. You can help your employees keep their feet on solid ground by teaching these safe work practices: Use handrails on stairs. Keep three-point contact when using ladders and climbing...

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