Danny Hinkle

ASSIST Central Texas Region President 

Danny Hinkle, Central Texas Region President

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I was born January 23, 1953 in Longview Texas. I was primarily raised by my mother Bessie Hinkle along with 4 siblings. I grew up in South Austin and graduated from William B. Travis High School. A week or so after High School; I received a draft notice and joined the Air Force. I served in the Air Force from 1971 through 1975 as a Security Police where I provided base Security and served as the senior Security Alert Team Leader(SAT). I was Honorable discharged and considered a Vietnam Veteran for my service in Southeast Asia. After my discharge from the service I attended Southwest Texas State University and worked full time as a Security Officer at Austin National Bank.

While attending the university, recruiters from the Houston Police Department (HPD) visited the campus and it was at this time I decided I wanted to continue my career in Law Enforcement. My wife and I packed up the few household items we had and moved to Houston, Texas where I attended the Houston Police Academy. This was the longest and the most difficult training I ever did, but I did it! I started working for HPD in 1978.

After working four years with the HPD we moved to Longview, Texas because we wanted to raise our girls in a smaller town atmosphere. I got a job with the Longview Police Department, but my wife wasn’t happy in Longview, so we packed up one more time and moved home to Austin, Texas. In March, 1984 I was hired by the Travis County Sheriff’s Department and worked 24.5 years prior to my retirement. My services at Travis County Sheriff Office consisted of:


  • Investigated property and person crimes and gathered evidence
  • Interviewed witnesses, suspects and informants and took statements
  • Wrote and executed search warrants or consent searches
  • Filed appropriate charges



  • Supervised Narcotics, Patrol, School Resource Officers, and Community Service Officers
  • Supervised and reviewed all Travis County accident reports, accident reconstructions, & routine traffic management
  • Supervised and ensured K-9 training was conducted properly and created schedules
  • Supervised and scheduled Lake Patrol and oversaw boat maintenance
  • Supervised and revised the Reserves Program with a recruiting drive that gave them strength and better training
  • Oversaw training assignments made by the parks for the Park Rangers
  • Supervised and wrote the only Estray Livestock Policy in the State of Texas


Patrol Senior Deputy

  • Assigned to Organized Crime Unit and investigated major crimes and narcotics in the greater Austin area covering eleven counties
  • Responsible for the seizure of $13,559,372 in narcotics and $55,484 in chemicals and glassware
  • Responsible for the recovery of $236,253 in stolen property and $136,836 cash
  • Directly or indirectly responsible for the seizure of 80 methamphetamine labs


Patrol Deputy