News Release: ASSIST Urges Target Stores to Allow Weapons

AUSTIN – The president of Texas’ largest private security association, Walt Roberts, today said that in his opinion if citizens should to be allowed to carry guns into any ... Continue Reading →
Greg Abbott
Texas Attorney General

Collaborating to Protect Children

Every day, law enforcement officers around the state who specialize in cyber crimes investigations work tirelessly to identify and locate potential child sex predators who troll ... Continue Reading →
Joe Barton
U.S. Congressman

Standing up for Texans!

As the calendar creeps toward summer and the mercury starts to rise, things are heating up politically – both in Texas and in Washington. The decisions made over the next few months ... Continue Reading →
Eddie Lucio
Texas State Senator
District 27
(512) 463-0127

Legislators are hard at work preparing for the 84th Texas Legislative Session

Legislators are hard at work preparing for the 84th Texas Legislative Session, which begins in January. A pressing issue I continue to work on this interim is health care. I remain ... Continue Reading →
Jose Rodriguez
Texas State Senator
District 29

Capitol Education

Recently in the Texas capitol we heard important discussions about the future of education in Texas. The discussions came during hearings of the Senate committees on Education and ... Continue Reading →
Joe C. Pickett
Texas State Representative
District 79

Busy Time for all State Committees

Greetings from El Paso! This has been a very busy time for me and it stands to get a whole lot busier! In January of this year the Speaker of the House issued his “Interim Charges” ... Continue Reading →
Allen Fletcher
Texas State Representative
District 130

Interim priorities

The Speaker of the Texas House has released interim charges which are committee research assignments to be completed prior to the next legislative session. The primary election is ... Continue Reading →
Joe Moody
Texas State Representative
District 78

The Work Between

Many people think of the time between legislative sessions as downtime, and it’s true that the pace is slower at the Capitol. Of course, that’s because the biggest work of the ... Continue Reading →
Jose L. Banales
Assistant Chief of Police, San Antonio, Texas

Connecting with our Community

There is a common belief or perception within most large law enforcement agencies that top management is out of touch with rank and file. The arrival of Police Chief William P. McManus marked ... Continue Reading →
Norma Foley 
Sun City Security

Overcoming Fingerprint Problems

The issue of concern to all is the current methodology required as the only source of electronic submission for Texas fingerprint-based applicant criminal history checks. L-1 Solutions ... Continue Reading →